Increase your customer trust and confidence!

Kedeon provides transparent quality monitoring to companies of any size. Utilizing easy to implement hardware IoT modules that require little to no changes in the existing operations and minimal training, protecting the company and reassuring end-consumers.

Our purpose-built platform works with the existing workflow of companies and delivery personnel without requiring an IT team.

By also enabling end-consumers to see transparent information they are reassured about the safety of grocery delivery services and this can be used for the publicity and marketing of a higher quality product and experience (this way standing out from the competition).

These are the main reasons why our solution uniquely addresses the needs of SMBs in this market.

Lmt lte-m devices - kedeon monitoring

Our purpose-built hardware is perfect for last-mile deliveries, regardless of what transportation methods you use.

  • Temperature range from -40 to +50
  • Measure additional factors like humidity, light exposure
  • Certified and calibrated devices
  • No changes in existing work-flow
  • Minimal employee training