Kedeon has received a grant from the EU Innovation Program, looking for pilot project partners


Kedeon created by Latvian entrepreneurs, in the EU blockchain solution innovation partnership program “BlockStart”, which provides cold supply chain monitoring solutions, has entered the TOP10 competition of almost 100 companies, gaining 20,000 euros for the development of the last mile delivery monitoring platform. At a time when a significant part of the world’s population relies on online grocery shopping, Kedeon offers the ability to track last-mile grocery delivery using sensors and blockchain technology for data security.

Today, part of the society has changed their shopping habits and more often they buy food products online using delivery services. However, given the high workload of operators offering such a service, there is a possibility that the perishable grocery products, such as meat, will spend a long time in transport which are not equipped with refrigeration and other essential equipment which are needed to ensure quality and safety. To ensure that food is in the right condition throughout the delivery, Kedeon has developed sensor-based solutions that read the quality parameters (such as temperature and humidity) of the food during delivery and store it using blockchain technology, thus ensuring data security and integrity. With such a solution, both the supplier and the consumer can gather trustable information and even find a ‘weak point’ in the delivery process. In the event of a complaint, involved parties can react quickly, enabling suppliers to improve the quality of delivery and compliance with existing standards.

According to US studies *, bacteria multiply most rapidly in products between 5 and 60 degrees celsius. For example, at 37 degrees, the number of harmful bacteria can double even every 10 to 20 minutes. It is not recommended to leave meat products at a warm temperature for more than an hour, as they can multiply large numbers of bacteria and pathogens, including harmful Listeria and Salmonella bacteria. At present, 130 000 people are poisoned and hospitalized due to inadequate food supply and storage conditions, of which 3500 are fatal. To prevent such situations, perishable products must be transported under appropriate conditions, at a certain temperature which prevents them from spoiling, while they are on the way to the consumer.

“Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more people are choosing to order groceries online, and companies that have not yet offered food delivery are now forced to do so, finding a solution quickly. Large companies that have been involved in food supply so far keep the quality bar at a high level, but our goal is to support small and medium-sized companies that provide the last link in the chain – from the store or warehouse to the end customer. We have developed a system that allows suppliers and end customers to make sure that the products were transported in appropriate and safe conditions during delivery and storage. Our solution also allows companies to identify and correct existing deficiencies in delivery processes.

Thanks to participation in the EU blockchain solution innovation partnership program “BlockStart”, we can also offer our developed solution to European entrepreneurs by attracting EU co-financing in the amount of 3,000 euros per SME. Therefore, we invite retailers to reach out to us, if they provide grocery delivery at home and want to improve the quality of the provided delivery services, ”says Kristaps Mikasenoks, co-founder of Kedeon solutions.


* United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service: