kedeon techstars smart mobility
One of the most prestigious startup accelerator programs, Techstars, has accepted the Latvian-based start-up company Kedeon in the 2021 Smart Mobility program. Among several hundred applicants from a total of 54 countries, 12 start-ups have been selected to participate in the program and receive funding
According to the World Health Organization, about half of all vaccines delivered to different parts of the world end up in waste due to improper transport or storage. At the moment, a light – a vaccine – has appeared at the end of the Covid-19
Last-mile delivery is one of the costliest links in all supply chains, but also – one of the most important to customers. 40%* consider delivery service a “must-have” feature for food and grocery products, but many of them are dissatisfied with their current last-mile experience.
Cold supply chain industry is one of the most earning industries in the world with market value near 100 billion EUR. Also, logistics is one of the industries that has a lot of responsibility on their shoulders, but for now – their responsibility is not