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Make your supply chain more efficient and transparent

We are addressing food waste and consumer health risks from food spoilage, caused by cold chain temperature breaches during the storage and transport of perishable food products. Food spoilage can happen at any stage of the supply chain. Our goal is to provide a sensor mesh network platform that enables tracking of the food supply chain with immutable recordings.

Currently supply chain industry is mostly behind the curtains. We see that businesses already are more transparent and open to consumers. We hope that in the future participants will be willing to share general data with other players and end consumers for overall benefit. So our vision is to build platform for this transparent and traceable future, while optimising the supply chain operations and making data driven decissions.

IP68 certified hardware and sensors with battery life up to 7 years in combination with powerful base stations bridges real world with our digital solutions.
Manage all your perishables via one dashboard. Get real time measurements, advanced reports and forecasts from our AI engine.
Utilize our blockchain based solution to improve transparency of your measurements across the whole supply chain. Increase trust in your brand by opening storage and delivery data to the public and customers.
Utilize our AI solutions like dynamic due dates to improve efficiency and costs of your operations.

Why choose us

Improper temperature control is the key reason why food or other perishable cargo are spoiled or wasted in the supply chain.

  • Compliance with CEN and ISO standards and calibration requirements
  • Easy setup and integration
  • Supply chain and facility monitoring
  • Reduced operational costs and improve sustainability
  • Verifiable reports with full transparency to your clients
  • Increase end-customer trust and brand loyalty by using our white label verification tool
  • Subscription-based plans with no up-front hardware costs
  • Integration with existing ERP systems
  • Excellent coverage with NB-IoT technology

Monitoring solution for crucial supply chain links

For the past few years, last-mile delivery service is seeing tremendous growth. But not all groceries and food are delivered in equal conditions. This last step is the most unregulated step in the whole supply chain. There are multiple third-party delivery companies, that use different tactics for last-mile delivery. Non-refrigerated trucks, personal cars, scooters and vans ar some of them.

But a lot of things can go wrong in this last step of the delivery, which can lead to spoiled food and even foodborne illness.

Protect your brand and ensure customer trust and confidence! We provide easy to implement solution which doesn’t require extended employee training and doesn’t create changes in the current workflow.


Pharmaceuticals are crucial for our society. From daily supplements to drugs that can save lives. Usually, these shipments are very expensive and spoilage can lead to a chain of problems.

Our solution provides temperature, humidity and UV light sensors which will monitor the slightest changes in the delivery process. We help to ensure that shipment is stored in most optimal environment so drugs don’t lose their potency and customers can feel 100% safe to consume them.


To manufacture quality products, the first step is to source needed materials and chemical components. That’s why this is one of the most crucial supply chain logistics segments.

Our solution provides different temperature profiles for each shipment. This will help to automate monitoring, bring information and alerts right when you need them.

Chemical logistics monitoring

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